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Tête-à-Tête is the Museum’s latest public program series that features intimate conversations with artists, alumnae, and arts leaders who have helped shape the Spelman College Collection, including its 10th President Mary Schmidt Campbell.

Be Your Own Muse

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Be Your Own Muse, the Museum’s original podcast series, highlights Black women cultural producers. Check out our entire library on SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts.
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The Museum organizes a host of public programs such as Archiving Identity & Preserving Our Image. Explore the archive of the Museum’s lectures, gallery walks, workshops, family days, and much more and relive the excitement again and again.


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What Our Visitors Say

From our
"Tell Us What You Think" wall.

It has a calming aura and it encourages me to be reflective and introspective.
- Museum Visitor
I enjoy celebrating blackness!!
- Museum Visitor
I enjoyed spending time in the Museum with my mom and witnessing the power of discovering and seeing ourselves in these powerful images together. It was exactly what I needed.
- Museum Visitor
I thoroughly enjoy witnessing Spelman students experiencing these images for the first time. The invitation to interact has also elicited glee, smiles, laughter, and sustained interest and attention, which is a rarity these days. It is a Balm in Gilead.
- Museum Visitor
I enjoyed the paintings, they were very vibrant and they made me feel like I was at home, comfy, cozy, and creative. The artwork persuaded me that art is not just colors, shapes, and lines but it is a feeling.
- Museum Visitor
I like the fact that it’s so interactive!
- Museum Visitor

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